Bid-based. Geo-targeted.
Laser-focused on active consumers.


100% effective spend

Advertise at point of sale and communicate directly to shoppers. Target stores that carry your products and have them in stock. Target geographies where your products are available.

Easy self-serve

Simply upload your ad, select stores and times on the Xera One Ad Studio. Adapt your campaigns with a few clicks.

Budget control

Set your advertising budget and make your bids. Know where your money works the hardest through real-time tracking and reporting. Be confident that you’ll never spend more than your budget.


Make money

Share in the ad revenues generated by your shop and online store.

Sit back

Xera One installs and services HDTV screens for free. Only host advertising for products you carry and have in stock. Make money without effort.

Sell more

You’ll sell more of the advertised products. The ads support your staff while selling and enhance your customers’ shopping experience.


Make money

Share in the ad revenues generated by your website, video channel, app or game.

Sit back

We find advertisers who are eager to place ads on your channels. Ads are relevant to your audience and optimized for your platforms, so you make money without effort.

About Xera One

Xera One is a pioneer of integrated advertising and marketing technology that unifies the brand message delivered in physical retail stores, during eCommerce purchases, and during the research phase of pre-purchase. The Xera One platform is designed to maximize the efficiency of advertising dollars through integration with sales and inventory, resulting in real-time analytics that deliver results.

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