Increase sales and profit with point of purchase advertising

As a retailer, you understand that consumers can be swayed in their purchases, even when they think they have their minds made up when entering your store. This is the key to point of purchase (POP) advertising, which can increase your sales and profit, especially in its digital form.

You might know POP advertising as in-store or on-location advertising. It’s a powerful tool to increase sales in your store, whether brick and mortar or online because it reaches the customer when they’re in shopping mode.

POP advertising works because everything changes when people walk into a store or click through to an online retail site — this is where consumers decide. This is where pre-meditated consumer plans can be changed, bent to an advertiser’s will. POP advertising influences not only what shoppers buy, but how much they buy.

Wouldn’t you like that to happen for your trusted suppliers, in your stores?

In-store digital screens promote books.

Go digital

The most effective form of POP advertising is digital, which offers a dynamic experience for shoppers. The ultimate digital on-location tactic is video: it excites, educates and entertains. Here are more reasons why you should use the power of video to enrich your consumers’ shopping experience:

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual
  • The brain deciphers image elements instantly, while language must be decoded

As for your sales: digital ads are shown to increase those dramatically. A Nielsen survey found that static ads, like brochures or signs, only boosted sales by 15%. Digital signage, like tv screens, boosted sales by a whopping 49%. Which multiplier would you rather have?


What to expect from your digital POP advertising provider

A great provider will do more than just load screens in your location or place banners on your web store. They should offer several key things to ensure your success.

Enhance your store

TV screens used to run digital ads should blend with your store design. Screens can be mounted on empty wall space, leaving the valuable counter and shelf space to hold your merchandise. This won’t clog your aisles or disrupt the flow of traffic in your store. Integration with your design and respect for your space are important, but strategic positioning is also necessary. Screens must be mounted where they’ll attract buyers and generate impulse buying.

Free equipment and servicing

Free high-quality display screens, that are installed and serviced by the digital POP provider are the gold standard. All you should be asked to do is turn the tv on.

Make you money

Besides growing your sales, you can join in advertising revenue sharing, which is offered by the best digital POP providers. Not all providers are equally generous so shop around.

A cash drawer full of money.

Digital point of purchase advertising is simply the most efficient way to inform your customers, enrich their shopping experience and increase your sales and profit.

What’s your favorite kind of on-location advertising?


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  • Claire Anderson on August 16, 2018

    As a retailer myself I have installed POS advertising in my store and have seen a drastic difference in traffic and interest. POS is a highly effective way to reach consumers.

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