Geo-targeted ads find your target customer


As an advertiser you know exactly who you want your ads to reach, in what region, city or retail outlet. Geo-targeted advertising delivers your ads to your target consumers based on their location, allowing effective advertising as broad as a country or as specific as one store. It even lets you advertise to your consumers as they shop. Any advertiser can geo-target, from small local business to corporate giant. The phenomenon arose from mobile and has become a great way to advertise. Read on for more details.


How mobile changed the ad game


The explosion of mobile phone use spurred the growth of geo-targeting, for two reasons. First it lets you collect valuable information on your consumers. Mobile devices can provide a lot of rich specific location data, which is critical to making messages with high relevancy in a noisy world.

Second, you can use this data to zero in on the best ways, times and places to advertise to them. Better yet, you can add value to your consumer. The Local Search Association (LSA) found 70% of surveyed consumers willing to share location data on their phone if it got them the product they were looking for or if they received an incentive. The LSA database showed that geotargeting significantly increases the results of all types of advertising, in every industry. estimates that mobile ads will make up 70% of all digital advertising in 2018. That makes mobile sure to surpass TV as the primary advertising medium in the country.


young woman in a crowed, surrounded by bubbles

Geo-targeting finds your target consumer in a crowd.

Advantages of geo-targeting


As the use of mobile devices grows, geo-targeting will become even more accurate and sophisticated, building on these already impressive advantages.

Make more money!

Boost sales, build profits and optimize your ad budget.

Targeted ads will boost your sales and grow your profits. Geo-targeting also ensures you maximize your ad budget with effective spending. There’s no wasted ad spend from paying to show your ads to anyone outside of your specified area. There’s no wasted pay-per-click on people who aren’t eligible for your offer because of geographic restrictions, local or state laws. Small ad budgets can go a long way since you’ve narrowed your scope to the people and places that will give you results.

Get personal with your market

Nurture your brand, deliver personalized content and attract new customers.

Give your customers a personalized way to interact with your brand while getting their needs met by notifying them of relevant products based on where they are or where they’ve been. Strengthen relationships with your consumers with segmented content that makes them feel like you’re talking to them directly, in the place they live or shop. Geotargeting lets you tailor your messages, making them personal. Everyone loves a personal message. You’ll also attract new customers because your ads will be in locations where your target consumer is already looking at your product or service category.

Gather key insights

Find your consumers, study their behaviors, collect invaluable data.

Geo-targeting lets you gather rich information then leverage it into successful advertising. Geo-targeted campaigns generate their own set of statistics and trends. This data tells you how and where to target your customer efficiently. It will empower you to create advertising that is laser-focused.


man standing on a map of France

Where in the world is your target customer? Geo-targeting will find him.


Proof – a geo-targeting success story


Clothing manufacturer Urban Outfitters geo-targeted their way to 75% more conversions and a 145% increase in revenue in a recent dress advertising campaign that used mobile location data to gather behavioral insights on their customers. The messaging targeted women who liked the nightclub scene, who were ideal prospects for the line of club dresses.

The advertising campaign used dynamic audience filters, which gathered location and other real-world data about the women’s behavior. The advertiser leveraged these behavioral insights, so they could better employ email, push notifications and messages in their mobile app. For example, the women who frequented nightclubs were sent push notifications. Urban Outfitters added a few other clever tricks to the campaign: the use of emojis to grab attention, ensure a higher open rate and add a little fun; the use of mobile deep linking, which sent users to the relevant landing page when they tapped the message. The advertisers tested different messages and tracked all the results.

The company cited benefits beyond the financial: the collected data gave them invaluable insights into their advertising. This brief case study is a clear example of how geo-targeted advertising can dramatically improve your business.


Try geo-targeting now

Are you ready to take advantage of all that geo-targeted advertising offers? Xera One makes it easy to target the right locations for your ads and set up your geo-targeted ad campaigns. Let’s get started!


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