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Our weekly exposure to digital out-of-home (DOOH) has more than doubled in the past decade. According to, we saw an average of eight minutes of DOOH in 2008, but in 2017 that number had climbed to 20 minutes a day. The advertising phenomenon DOOH shows no sign of stopping. And why would it?

DOOH can offer you, the advertiser, boundless creativity and relevance. It gets people talking, expands your reach and inspires action. As digital technology continues to grow, so will the creativity of the ads. DOOH is as limitless as your imagination. Here are some great DOOH display ads.


Hydro company saves energy  

The energy sector realized it had to factor social issues into its bottom line. In British Columbia (B.C.), Canada, the hydro company reminded consumers of responsible energy consumption. The crown corporation installed a series of sensor panels on the exterior of their building in the city’s business core.

The DOOH panels used energy efficient LED lighting technology and a motion sensitive trigger system. When passersby got close to the panels, their lights turned on and off. The goal was to remind people to use only the power they needed, and it worked. 

  • 91% of the province’s population increased their awareness of power saving since seeing the ad campaign.
  • B.C. Hydro’s online resource,, saw 365% more traffic the month following the ad
  • Their social media increased by 703%
  • The ad won Gold in the Offline Digital Category at the Canadian Digital Marketing Awards.

Battered but not beaten

Women’s Aid Organization in Britain used an interactive display with a powerful message. Their billboard asks passersby to, “Look at me. Don’t turn a blind eye. If you can see domestic violence we can stop it.”

The shocking image of a battered, bruised woman rewards anyone who stops and pay attention. A camera on the billboard has facial recognition software. When this software recognizes people viewing the ad, the battered woman’s face changes. Slowly, her bruises and contusions begin to clear. The more viewers, the faster the healing process is. The image, driven by the attention of the viewers, can fully heal and deliver a message of thanks. This puts the power in the hands of the viewers, reinforcing the point that we can make a difference to those suffering from  domestic violence. estimates that the multiple award-winning campaign, made on a zero budget, has been viewed by over 327 million people. 




Changeable ads

In March of 2018, eBay ran a DOOH campaign that was as changeable as Britain’s weather. In fact, its display changed depending on the weather. Sunny days featured ads for gardening products, while rain triggered ads for rain gear and umbrellas. This campaign aimed for relevancy by tuning into what was foremost on people’s minds when they passed the display. The tech behind this wasn’t so difficult. Real-time weather information was processed and relevant ads were then deployed. The campaign hosted still images and videos on more than 1200 screens across the country: from large screens in big public gathering places, to small ones in the Tube and in shopping malls. eBay wanted to remind viewers of the many variations of products on its platform.


Are we there yet?  

Savvy DOOH can create a customer experience that goes beyond advertising. It can deliver relevant content in real time. Consider this well-known question: how long will it take to get to the airport? United Airlines knew this was a question on the mind of passengers scheduled for departure. They chose the busy environs of New York City for their 2017 DOOH campaign, which synched dynamic, real-time data about traffic and posted it to various ad screens, on taxi roofs and booking apps. How long to JFK or Newark? Just look at the top of the cab.

More than a bus stop

People thought they were waiting for a bus. Imagine their surprise at a London bus shelter when they found themselves charged by a loose tiger, witnessed flying saucers, or experienced a meteorite crash in front of them. Pepsi Max used their substantial budget and creative power to enact this augmented reality masterpiece. Video courtesy of Pillow Pie.




Now that you’ve been inspired by the wonders of DOOH, consider how this phenomenon can enhance your advertising strategy. If you’re already using DOOH,  congratulations. Share your tips on how it has helped your business or how you’re pushing the creative envelope.

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