On-location video ads

Run your video advertisements on large HDTV screens at retailers who carry your products.

Banner ads

Showcase your brand and products to shoppers on web stores that carry your products. Pay only for results with pay-per-click.

Sponsored search results

Raise your products to the top of online searches so shoppers see your brand first. Pay only for results.

Create a campaign

Define an ad campaign in three easy steps

Step 1

Log into the easy self-serve platform

The Ad Studio is where you set your daily budget and select on-location video ads, banner ads or sponsored search results. Upload your ad – use your own or work with one of our videographer partners. Xera One provides you with an advertiser – videographer contract template.

Step 2


Select locations and times

Choose where and when to run your ad. In-store screens and online ad placements are set up to have maximum impact on shoppers. Your online ads will look great on mobile and capture shoppers on their phones. Book peak times of day for maximum reach or off-peak times for more plays per dollar.

Step 3

Make a bid

Bid-based targeting ensures that advertising rates are determined by the bids of all advertisers. Cost-per-click guarantees that you pay only when a shopper clicks on your banner ad or sponsored search link.

That’s all! Repeat for as many campaigns as you want to create and let Xera One do the rest.

Get started

Optimize your campaigns with Xera One reporting

Track your success

Follow the success of your ads anytime with Xera One’s real-time reporting of plays, clicks and spend on one easy dashboard. See how much of your daily budget gets spent and when, so you can optimize your budget and bids. Xera One’s analytics and real-time reporting help make your money work the hardest for you and boost your ROI.