Monetize as a retailer or publisher

Make money

Host advertising and make money

Retailers – turn your wall space into a money maker with Xera One. Get more from your web traffic by hosting online ads. You share in the ad revenues that your shop and webstore generate, and you’ll sell more of the advertised products. All ads are for products you carry and have in stock.

Publishers – leverage the traffic already flowing to your website, video channel, app and game. Give your audience the opportunity to see relevant ads. You share in the revenue of the ads that you host.

Get paid

Track your real-time earnings from the ads you host. Receive large payments each month with no investment*.


* In jurisdictions and industries where a revenue share is allowed.

Join the Xera One network

Retailers sign up and sit back

Your supplier ads will run on HDTV screens that Xera One installs and services in your store for free. We publish banner ads and host sponsored search results on your webstore. All you need to do is provide the wall or web space, keep the power and internet on. All ads are optimized for mobile viewing.

Publishers sign up and sit back

Your web, video channel, app and game traffic becomes even more valuable when you host advertising there. Xera One helps you monetize your channels by posting targeted banner and video ads.