Make more money with your POS system

A point of sale (POS) system is the heart of any retailer’s operation, as it ties sales with inventory and reporting. Regulated industries require additional functionality from a POS system, including integration with track & trace systems. You simply can’t afford your POS system to be malfunctioning or down.


For many retailers, POS systems are a cause for daily concern:

  • Is it up and running?
  • Is it processing transactions efficiently?
  • Is its reporting accurate?

But this shouldn’t be the case. You should be able to rely on your POS system, and expect much more from it than just accurately processing transactions. A POS system should

  • Help you make more money, rather than just save money; and
  • Create new opportunities, rather than just solve problems.

Welcome to Xera One’s enterprise-grade POS system.

Superior supply chain integration, purchasing and inventory analysis

Supply chain integration

Know SKU stock levels across the entire supply chain, critical for reordering.

Centralized purchasing

Order for your entire store network at once, instead of just one store at a time.

Inventory turns reporting

Know inventory turns per SKU, brand and category across all stores for performance improvement.

Long-tail inventory analysis

Know what SKUs require promotional support to sell before the expiry date.

Superior store and customer analysis for performance improvement

Revenue per square foot

Compare stores on revenue per square foot for performance improvement.

Store network analysis

Analyze overall store performance for network expansion and rationalization decisions.

Customer lifetime value

Drive customer lifetime value for all consumer segments with integrated promotions planning and loyalty programs.

Customer satisfaction measurement

Integrate customer satisfaction measurement across all offline and online touchpoints.

Superior supplier and payment processing integration


Master catalogue

Access all SKU data in one central catalogue available for in-store and online orders.

Drop shipping¹

Benefit from the only network enabled for localized drop shipping from the warehouse for superior profit margins.

1) Where allowed

Make more money with the Xera One POS system:

Customer-facing screen

Every touchpoint optimized for higher sales.

Only POS system with customer-facing colour screen
  • Accurate information between staff and consumer.
  • Richer customer-staff interaction including “most popular” and other enhanced consumer data.
  • Automated product promotion and easier / more reliable upsell.
Intuitive user-interface for easier staff adoption and faster customer service.
Integrated cash drawer, bar code scanner and receipt printer.
Future proof for enterprise expansion to in-store pickup, home delivery and loyalty & mass messaging programs.

Make more money with the Xera One POS system: 

Co-op Ad Dollars

Superior financial performance from day 1.

Collect co-op ad dollars

Share in the ad revenues generated by your shop & online store. Your advertising revenues will likely exceed your software fee.

Sit back

All controlled substance regulations are automatically adhered to. Hosted advertising is verified against your inventory for products you carry and have in stock.

Sell more

Sell more of the advertised products. The ads support your staff while selling and enhance your customers shopping experience.

The Xera One POS system meets all key requirements


Optimal uptime

Cloud-hosted and offline mode.


Intuitive user interface

Your staff will learn and love the system in no time.


Seamless integration of hard- and software

Easily scan barcodes and accept credit/debit payments. All peripheral products are tried and tested.


Promotions and reporting

The sales, inventory and tax reports you need and the promotions your customers want.


Responsive and competent customer service

We are only a call away.


No hidden fees

In-store installation, servicing and software upgrades are included. Technical and customer support are included.


Prepared for future functionality

Our system is prepared for loyalty, mass messaging & home delivery.


Tried and tested

We have deep experience with track & trace system integration and with timely updating our systems for new regulations.

Interested in monetizing co-op ad dollars as a retailer?