Xera One provides fully integrated software solutions to retailers

Regulated industries

Specialized software provider to regulated industry retailers, offering integrated POS, Digital Menus, Online Ordering and Advertising solutions.

Live inventory sync

Only integrated regulated industries software provider with live inventory sync, ensuring retailers never have to say no to their customers.

Xera One’s integrated suite of retailer software

Shared inventory engine

All applications work off a shared inventory engine tied directly into your Inter-Provincial supply chain.

Real-time accuracy

Inventory displays update automatically, your menus are always accurate.

Easy control

Show products that you want to show. Block products that are
– Low or out of stock
– Inactive
across the enterprise network instantly with one action.

About Xera One

Xera One is a pioneer of integrated advertising and marketing technology that unifies the brand message delivered in physical retail stores, during eCommerce purchases, and during the research phase of pre-purchase. The Xera One platform is designed to maximize the efficiency of advertising dollars through integration with sales and inventory, resulting in real-time analytics that deliver results.